MEF-CECP Exam Retake


The re-take exam voucher is your second chance to re-take the MEF-CECP exam if you did not pass on your first try.  The re-take exam voucher is only valid once, per full-price exam voucher.

If you don’t pass after the first attempt you can re-take the exams. Should you fail the exam a third time, the fourth must be registered as a new exam and charged at the full examination fee established by the MEF.

  • Participants are limited to no more than 3 total exam attempts consecutively in a 6 month period.

  • If an exam is taken and not passed, the remaining re-take exams must be taken within 6 months after which time the re-take price expires and a new exam must be purchased at the full price.

  • Exam vouchers expire 1 year after purchase.


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MEF-CECP Exam Retake


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